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May 2022 Never Give Up Box


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Product Description

This is a theme that we've had on our list but after receiving survey feedback from the parents of our #OGIgirls, NEVER GIVE UP was a theme requested as well. This is an especially important topic with our teens who are experiencing lots of tough firsts and working their way through them. Whether it's failing at something or a fear of failing, feeling sad or lonely, struggling to be your true self, establishing boundaries, working towards a dream, or working through conflict with friends or family, the important thing to remember is that "the brightest rainbows come after the storm." You have to persevere, adapt, learn, and most importantly never, ever give up! And because this is our Anniversary box, we are including one BEST OF product from a past box. The pack of playing cards featured in this photo could change to a different BEST OF item.

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