“It is not what we do, so much as WHY we do it.” 

– George R. R. Martin


A little about One Girl Inspired…

I’m Deana Hicks, Founder + Chief Inspiration Officer of One Girl Inspired, the monthly subscription box for teen girls.
Keep reading for a little of my backstory and how and why this box came to be…
One of my biggest inspirations is my daughter, who is about to embark on her teens.
I have worked in the corporate world as well as in start-up entrepreneurial environments for most of my career but always working for their ultimate vision; not necessarily mine.
A couple of years ago I became a full-time stay at home mom to a daughter who was going to be entering the world of middle school (with high school immediately following, of course) so that I could be more readily available help her navigate what can be a complicated time in the life of a teen girl. I have loved the opportunity to be with her more, but recently started struggling with my own need for professional fulfillment; it’s just the way I’m wired I guess.
After talking with many of my mom friends, I realized we are all in the same boat of attempting to ensure our teens get positive messaging as they begin to navigate the waters of their teen years. With so much negativity on social media along with inaccurate portrayals of what teens should strive to be like on tv, in magazines and everywhere else that I wanted to provide inspiration, empowerment, and motivation to help teen girls build confidence in themselves and be the best version of who they are as individuals so that they may grow into strong women.
As a result of all that soul searching, I also started examining the things my daughter likes and purchases that bring her joy and meaning to help guide the direction of this subscription box endeavor.
And what teen girl doesn’t love getting mail?
Thus, the concept was born! I like to say we want each and every teen girl to #MakeYourOwnMark on the world and want this box to help provide the inspiration and motivation for them to do so!

This is so much more than just a subscription box. It's the opportunity to regularly and consistently put positive messaging in front of teen girls to be their authentic and best selves; to keep dreaming and believing in those dreams; to work hard while giving themselves grace. It's the opportunity to provide conversation starters about what they received and what the messages mean to them. It's also about growing their self-confidence and self-worth so that they feel supported as well as empowered to make their own mark on the world.